Is St Vinnys Bistro a non-profit?

St Vinnys Bistro is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.  Download our 501(c)3 certificate here.

Is there a liability for donating food?

Food donors are protected from liability for food donations to charities made in good faith to feed those in need. Create a link HERE to Food Donations.

501(c)3 Certificate

Does St Vinnys Bistro pick up food from individuals?

St Vinnys Bistro only accepts food from licensed food business, such as restaurants, caterers’, distributors, hotels, etc.  These donors must agree to follow our guidelines.

How do the homeless enter St Vinnys Bistro?

The homeless enter our kitchen through the Courtyard at Haven for Hope, 1300 W. Martin St., San Antonio, Texas 78207. The Courtyard is a safe, outdoor sleeping space. Guests at the Courtyard receive meals, communal showers, laundry, basic medical care and mental health care, and other basic services. The Courtyard curfew is 10pm, but special arrangements can be made if your work schedule or other factors force you to come in late. To stay at the Courtyard, you must be able to care for yourself independently.

What are the directions to the kitchen?

You can view and download a map HERE.