Video Updates

Meet Christopher, a dedicated courtyard volunteer and a client that eats at the Bistro, standing side by side with our experienced mentor chef, Kris, sharing smiles, a duo ready to turn beans into dreams.

Christopher’s journey isn’t just about making coffee; it is about the heartbeat of St Vinnys Bistro, echoing the power of collaboration and transformation.

This compelling video shines a spotlight on the vital role of St Vinnys Bistro, made possible through the unwavering support of compassionate donors, in providing hot, nutritious meals 365 days a year to those experiencing homelessness. It intimately captures the struggles and moments of hope experienced by several individuals, underscoring the crucial significance of both the bistro and the generous contributors. Witness the transformative power of their combined efforts as they provide sustenance, nourishment, and a glimmer of hope to those in need, demonstrating the profound impact that donors make in creating lasting change.
Chick-fil-A provides repurposed surplus food to St Vinnys Bistro through their Shared Table® program.  Their employees volunteer to help feed the homeless at our kitchen. Volunteers say “their heart smiles for about 2 weeks” after serving the homeless at St Vinnys Bistro.  Thanks Chick-fil-A for your support!
Bistro employees give Happy Birthday wishes to Mr. Bill Greehey, a long time supporter.  We couldn’t do it without Mr. Greehey!
Gerardo earns a new job!

We first met Gerardo as a homeless guest eating three-times-a-day in our kitchen.  We were delighted when Gerardo accepted to be part of our kitchen staff.  His energy and passion to learn were contagious!  Six months later, long-time Bistro supporter, CommonWealth Coffee, asked our Executive Chef Lorris, if he knew of any good job candidates.  Lorris immediately recommended Gerardo who went for an interview and was hired on the spot!

Fundraising Golf Tournament organized by Haynie and Company was a BIG SUCCESS!
Volunteers at St Vinnys Bistro!  What is it like to feed the homeless?
St Vinnys Bistro promo video (1 minute)

St Vinnys Bistro in action and explanation of our mission (3 minutes).

Learn about St Vinnys Bistro’s mission and the transition to a separate non-profit (6 minutes).