Donate Cars, Boats, Gift Cards, Jewelry, Memorabilia, Etc.


  • Maybe you have something valuable other than cash. Non-cash donations are meaningful, and we can put your gift to work helping feed the homeless.
  • It is easy! Our partnership with IDonate makes it simple.  Some non-cash donations that have been transformed into funds include:
    • Cars, motorcycles, motor homes and boats
    • Jewelry such as watches, rings, bracelets etc.
    • Memorabilia, sculptures, artwork

Buy Food Packages for our Kitchen

Our chef has his favorite list of food items to provide nutritious meals.  It is important to have basic food staples in inventory to plan three meals each day.  These items are purchased from a reputable food distributor to insure a consistent daily food supply.


Corporate Team Building Events

Volunteer in our kitchen to experience a great team building exercise and build powerful team skills.  Make your team more effective, efficient, and productive as they bond together feeding the homeless.  Pick up a Team Building Package when you arrive that includes everything you need for a great experience.


Church, Synagogue, Temple, Civic Volunteers

Bring your church, synagogue, temple, or any civic group to volunteer in our kitchen.  You can serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  This is a great way to see what happens at St Vinnys Bistro three times a day, 365 days per year.  When your group comes face to face with the guests in our kitchen, it becomes a first-hand experience of feeding San Antonio’s homeless.  Guests at our Bistro need your help and are thankful for your presence.  Serving others helps us realize how fortunate some are and how rewarding it is to give back.

Birthday Club

Donate in honor of your love one on their birthday.  Feeding the homeless in honor of that special person is a great way to show your love.  Giving back to others is a beautiful gift and reminds every one of their kindness.   We will send a complimentary birthday card on your behalf notifying them of this special honor.  This program is under development and more details are coming soon.

Donate Now Select honorarium During Checkout

Honor / Memorial Donation

You can honor someone special in your life by feeding the homeless in their name.  We will send a complimentary card on your behalf notifying them of this special honor.  This program is under development and more details are coming soon.


Restaurant / Food Business Donations

  • Do you own a restaurant or any food business and have food leftover? You can help feed the homeless by partnering with St Vinnys Bistro.  Our chef is a master at incorporating leftover food into hot nutritious daily meals.
  • We have trained qualified drivers that pick-up food five days a week.  “If’ you have an approved food donation, you can get delivery directions HERE.
  • We send out a refrigerated van five days during the week to pick up food donations.  Special pickups can be scheduled.  Our driver brings the food back to our kitchen.  At the close of each month, we email you a receipt for your charitable donation.
  • Safety of our food is very important to us. We only accept food from licensed food business, such as restaurants, caterers, distributors, hotels, etc.  These donors must agree to follow our guidelines.  Please contact us: [email protected]
  • Our pickup drivers and kitchen staff are trained in safe food handling from in-kind donors.  All food that does not meet our standards is rejected.
  • Food Donors are Protected from Liability!
    • Donate your leftovers in confidence without worry of litigation. The federal government passed legislation in 1996 to protect and encourage food donations to non-profit like St Vinnys Bistro.
    • Federal Law: The “Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act” of 1996 shields food donors from civil and criminal liability, except in cases of gross negligence or intentional misconduct.
    • Texas Law: On June 10, 1981 the Texas State Legislature passed legislation, commonly referred to as the “Good Faith Donor Act” to address liability for damages resulting from the condition of donated items. The state law reads as follows:
      • A person who donates apparently wholesome food to a nonprofit organization for distribution to the needy is not subject to civil or criminal liability that arises from the condition of the food, unless an injury or death results from an act or omission of the person that constitutes gross negligence, recklessness, or intentional misconduct.

Start a Fundraising Campaign

We can get you started by creating your own personalized professional online landing page. You will be off and running with unique stories and images in minutes. Each fundraiser has their own fundraising command central – managing their pages, reaching, and thanking their donors, responding to page comments, tracking their progress to goal, and more.


Buy Pops-G BBQ Sauce & Rubs

Pops-G creates tasty BBQ sauces and rubs for your grilling pleasure. A portion of sales goes to support St Vinnys Bistro. Please go to: