Update May 2019

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It is always nice to be appreciated.  The last time our team went down to serve dinner at St. Vinny’s Bistro, there was a huge banner thanking us for our 12 years of service to the kitchen. I was shocked when I saw what they had done. Lorris Gibson, the head chef and kitchen manager, has told me many times and reiterated it again that night, “St. Vinny’s cannot feed the hundreds of homeless which it is called on each day without the help of generous volunteers. You just don’t realize how important your food shipments are to what we do down here.”  I am, of course, just the front man for our teams of volunteers who come to serve the meals and, most of all, our financial donors who make it possible to buy the food we deliver every other Wednesday for the past 12 years.  You are the ones who ensures no one goes hungry on the streets of San Antonio.  On behalf of the homeless, we thank YOU.

Our latest delivery of food was this past Wednesday, May 1st.  Our next delivery will be Wednesday, May 15th. Here is what you bought and we delivered:

  • 480 Salisbury Steaks
  • 110 lbs. Pollock Fish Patties
  • 100 lbs. Ground Beef
  • 1760 Breaded Beef Fingers
  • 480 Beef Patties (4oz)
  • 120 lbs. Pulled Chicken
  • 420 Breaded Chicken Breast Patties
  • 20 lbs. Shredded Cheese
  • 500 Polish Sausages 3.2 oz
  • 480 Chicken Fried Steaks
  • 144 oz. of Cream Gravy Mix
  • 30 lbs. Frozen Cut Green Beans
  • 96 lbs. Frozen Stir Fry Mixed Vegetables
  • 30 gallons Kool-Aid Tropical Punch Drink Mix
  • 288 oz Lipton Ice Tea Mix
  • 198 oz Seasoned Salt

Total $3,450.49

(Our goal is to provide at least $5,000 worth of food every two weeks. Please help us reach this goal!)

Thank you,

Gary Ploetz
Board of Directors